Wire Sawing

Wire sawing :

Every concrete cutting job is unique. That's why our engineering team develops a coordinated, visually-delineated plan to be followed on the job site to maximize efficiency while minimizing the time needed to complete your project.. Wire Sawing is a versatile method of cutting reinforced concrete, brickwork or masonry and is used where other methods of drilling or sawing are not practical such as cutting out mass filled concrete, removing plinths, bridges, staircases and can be used to flush cut to existing walls. systems for heavily reinforced concrete and metal. The process itself eliminates vibrations, does not weaken surrounding structures, produces no dust or flying debris and yields a smooth exposed surface without overcut corners to minimize re-work in new pours. Sawing with diamond wire is the most efficient way to remove large concrete constructions such as foundations and bridges. Or to cut thick walls and openings with exact corners. There is virtually no limit in terms of sawing depth (applies to CS 2512). You're able to do deep sawing in confined spaces. And our unique diamond tools enable you to cut very complex structures.

Fields of Applications
  • Cutting of reinforced concrete, masonry and diverse construction materials
  • Controlled deconstruction as well as demolition, rebuilding and renovation works in civil engineering
  • Cutting of fundaments, pipes, piles and bridges
  • Operation for large cutting depths and cutting lengths as well as within limited space conditions
  • Installation of openings for doors, windows, shafts, etc.