Wall Sawing

Wall or track sawing :

Wall sawing, sometimes referred to as "track sawing", can cut precisely plumb, level or beveled edges in shear walls, masonry walls, pre-cast concrete, reinforced concrete and metal. We commonly use this versatile controlled demolition method to cut access-ways and breakthroughs for stairways, elevators, windows and doors, and to create crossovers for mechanical services and cabling.

They are also be used to cut floors where access for a conventional floor saw is restricted such as corridors, stairwells, service risers also due to the versatility of the modern machinery the track can be fixed to staircases (using special mountings) in situations where the width of the staircase needs to be reduced, where the gradient is too great making it impossible to safely control a floor saw.

Fields of Applications
  • Cutting of reinforced concrete, masonry and diverse construction materials
  • Controlled deconstruction as well as demolition, rebuilding and renovation works in civil engineering
  • Installation of openings for doors, windows, shafts, etc.