Core Cutting

Core Cutting :

Many general contractors, mechanical contractors and maintenance managers have come to know the speed, precision and flexibility of Cutting Technologies and our diamond core drilling service.

Precision Drilling for Demanding Needs, Faced with a difficult concrete coring job? deliver smooth, clean, perfectly-sized holes that adhere to your tightest tolerances and exacting specifications. Armed with our precision core drilling rigs, circular wire saws and stitch drilling / line drilling techniques, Flexible Concrete Coring for Tight Spaces, Occupied Places

CTI's concrete drilling teams regularly work in sensitive areas adjacent to fully-operational industrial plants, residential units -- even hospitals and healthcare facilities. They know the value of working clean and treading softly. Plus, CTI's diamond core drilling units can easily fit into limited access and confined space jobsites, and they operate free of vibration, noise, dust, fumes and exhaust.

Fields of Applications
  • Drilling of reinforced concrete, masonry and diverse construction materials
  • Installation technology: Openings for cables, pipes and shafts
  • Fastening technology: Installation of openings for anchors and dowels
  • Support for wall and wire saw applications: Corner drilling to avoid overcuts or drilling holes to lead through wire
  • Stitch drilling: Alternative to cutting applications
  • Walls, ceilings, floors
  • Floor drains, roof drains.
  • Sewer drains.
  • Pipe bollard installation
  • Phone, electrical, cable, and fiber optic openings.
  • Handrail and anchor holes.
  • Aggregate analysis.
  • Dryer vents
  • Fire place exhaust
  • Demolition and removal of mass amounts using "stitch" or line drilling