Concrete Crushing

Concrete Crushing & Splitting (Silent demolition) :

Concrete dismantling without water, noise, dust and vibration. Hydraulic bursting solution is a vibration-free method of removing redundant reinforced concrete structures, concrete machine beds and plinths, mass filled concrete etc. This method is favoured in instances where vibration and noise must be limited due to other surrounding working environments (offices, Hospitals etc), and is more effective than hand held pneumatic tools. This solution can also be used very effectively in restricted areas as they are available with both electric and petrol powered hydraulic power packs.

These are done using chemicals too,Hydraulic bursting is carried out by core drilling a series of 112mm or 202mm holes at specific points within the area to be removed. A hydraulic burster head is then inserted into the holes and then pressurised so that the head expands within the hole causing the concrete to fracture into manageable pieces, ready for easy site removal.

Fields of Applications
  • Designed for crushing to transport reinforced concrete elements (door and window cut outs, etc.)
  • Demolition works for a wall thickness up to 300 mm (walls, stairways, etc.)
  • Controlled, high-capacity demolition of reinforced concrete
  • Low vibration alternative to cutting applications
  • Foundations
  • Pillars, Bearers, Concrete walls